Monday, July 2, 2012

Besday present

18 July will be my birthday. I wish i could get a book about Journey of Prophet Muhammad S.A.w. Ya Rasulullah. i really want to know you more.
right now. if i want to buy one. i don't know which book is the best that tell about him and the reliable one.
a song Laukana Bainana. made me miss you more  , Rasulullah s.a.w.
i remember since my day in penang matriculation college last 3 years  and half ago. i had the same get the book. and know prophet Muhammad more. i asked my friend about which book is good. however, at that moment i cant buy it because i did not have a lot of money.

busy with  my life. i forgot about that wish. today i remember back. that why i write it here so i wont forget. this year. i will find the book. i will. to be honest i still don't know what type of book to buy. insyallah i will find it.

i hope i can find the book as my birthday present  soon enough and read it during Ramadhan month. after my exam.

anyone... could you suggest one?


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