Monday, July 2, 2012

Besday present

18 July will be my birthday. I wish i could get a book about Journey of Prophet Muhammad S.A.w. Ya Rasulullah. i really want to know you more.
right now. if i want to buy one. i don't know which book is the best that tell about him and the reliable one.
a song Laukana Bainana. made me miss you more  , Rasulullah s.a.w.
i remember since my day in penang matriculation college last 3 years  and half ago. i had the same get the book. and know prophet Muhammad more. i asked my friend about which book is good. however, at that moment i cant buy it because i did not have a lot of money.

busy with  my life. i forgot about that wish. today i remember back. that why i write it here so i wont forget. this year. i will find the book. i will. to be honest i still don't know what type of book to buy. insyallah i will find it.

i hope i can find the book as my birthday present  soon enough and read it during Ramadhan month. after my exam.

anyone... could you suggest one?


Monday, April 16, 2012

My favourate quote thankful of what i have now
2. manjadda wajadda
3. Allahu Mai , Allahu Syahidi, Allahu Nazirun Ilayya.
4. talk less more action
5. when there is dream there will be the way to achieve it

Stay healthy

the best doctor is the one who can take care of herself and stay healthy mental and physically.
even that the doctor have a disease. as long as she can cope and go on with her life as usual that is owesome seriously.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Volunteer is needed!! ^_^

Volunteer is needed!! ^_^ Tell if you can see or heared about this in your area.

nowdays a lot of news in tv show about a lot of crime occur in public area. such as roberry, kidnap, and many more. to be honest it make people feel afraid and feel difficult to trust people surrounding. major barrier to do good deed.
supposely a lot of good deed that we can do not just donation in term of money right ? . let brain storm about this. in uk especially in my local area is so easy to volunteer seriously. just sign up put name address and evidence that i am a student i can get information about activities and volunteer job etc by letter monthy from my local area (fenham) . besides that i can just sign up from university website about volunteer job. if there is any news i can get it easily and reply it trough email. but seriously in malaysia i found it difficult. especially when i dont not have friend that close to my house to plan it together.

can someone answer my questions regarding to community service in your local area. share with me your experience.
what is your age, and how many volunteer work that you already do to your neighbourhood.? tell me what kind of work if any. how you do it?

if not
what type of thing that i or we possibly can do (as volunteer) to our surrounding my house area. ? any organisation or website that we can refer?

i hope when i return to my country this summer at least i able to contribute something to my local area and neighbourhood before the term start.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Will power? when it will come

I have a problem to start study especially during holiday.
well... reason?: a lot. basically distraction .

i talk with people ...about it. seem that other friend have the same problem. from one to one friend. ... well maybe it universal problem to university student.
things like.. i felt gulty now.. i waste too much time already..because of bla2..
realized i need to study... bla2 ..
I realized i dont have the mood or will power to do it...bla2
but I dont know how.. bla2
the conversation continue to find the answer of the solution

i am too busy talking to people.

i forgot to ask myself my opinion.

when i ask myself. i actually find the answer.

i recognised one thing now. i used too much time worried of not study.. and try to find solution.

i already waste my time

so the answer is...

i dont study much. = now! go to do it. study! pergi la buat skrg!!

i dont have the will power to do it= say now, lailahaillah, astagfirullah, alhamdulillah, Allahu Akhbar. many times. if i want more.. solat, al-quran.. basically ( back to Allah)

when problem comes ... and we too think about it. we forgot 2 things to check back our relationship with allah on that moment and the action next.

too much complain or talk or self aware will be useless when it come zero action.

5 complain x 0 action = o results

5 awareness x 0 action = 0 results

5 ways of solution x 0 action= 0 results
(5 complain + 5 awareness +5 ways of solution )x 0 action= 0 results

what if this i do this?.

5 ways of solution x 1 action =5 results

5 ways of solution x5 action =25 results
(5 complain + 5 awareness +5 ways of solution )x 5 action = 75 results
(5 complain + 5 awareness +5 ways of solution )x 15 action = 225 results

wow.. ^_^
terbaik, owesome, brilliant. haha

lets less talking and do more action.

ok. a reminder for me.. start now. bye.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Impian saya ^_^

seems like ages i did not post anything in my blog. i almost forgot about this blog when i am too busy writing my assingments. alhamdulillah everything has been submitted.

i want to refresh my dream.

actually i am feeling shy to post this. to said what my dream is. but i think when i do this it a step to make it real. i know this is crazy.. well let see how crazy is that.

MY ultimate dream : die in proper condition with iman and islam.

since secondary school i have dream which is to be 'isteri solehah' or aka aim toward excellent wife. what a weird dream though. i know now i am not marry to anyone yet but it not a fault to dream right? this come first when my second dream about my ambition as a doctor. well you know why? i tell you few reasons

1. when my secondary school a lot of my roomate and even classmate have a boy friend aka ' rakan istemewa or special friend' . it like a trend seriously.. mcm penyakit merebak pun ada. to be honest sometimes i felt jealous when they have someone to share and laugh etc. i think that normal...yet when i look at them..this dream come out. to be 'isteri solehah' i need to take good care of myself is a even before marriage also after that. i want the' halal' relationship.

2. when i start to work ... i really want to plan my daily life to make sure i be able to handle my family. i dont want to abandon them because of my work. not matter how busy i am.

then my ambition as a doctor. i still remember there is guys in my previous university in uitm. they laughing at me when i decided to be a doctor as my profession, they said in future it hard for me to get a husband because of the busy job and also status. however everyone need to remember there is nothing easy in today life. even a teacher also can be it that? i have heard a lot of successful doctors who can manage to handle the family. it so possible to do this plus i my first dream is to be 'isteri solehah' right?
i believe in Allah. right one for me will be out there. he will choose me from who i am and my family, and accept me as myself.

3. why doctor? to be honest this is not my first ambition my first one is to be an inspector (being influnce by gerak khas drama in tv on that time haha) . so opposite right? so far... i enjoy learing medicine especially when it come to practise. osce, communication ...visit patient, visit other health care professional . i like it. i dont said that i already good in doing that but i enjoy it. be a doctor is a good opportunity for me to keep doing good deeds in mylife (stereotype answer huh) it is ok!! . i dont have a lot of money to give people but i want to help to heal people ' inside and outside'. to be a competence doctor i need to learn...more right now.
4. i love topic food and exercise when i am young. i know that i am cubby right now but i want to learn more about this apply it and share this with people surrounding me. therefore i really want spread this. start from my hometown. then to the whole country. education about diet and exercise is important to reduce number of diabetes and heart problem in malaysia. healthy lifestyle basically. i am sure it already establish in malaysia. but i need to find more info about this and find a friends who want to join.

Saturday, October 22, 2011